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International payroll without the hassle

Are you struggling with multiple payroll providers in different countries? Is local legislation compliance a challenge? Finding the best way to organise your international payroll can be a rather complex endeavour. 

Good news: You can leave this complexity behind and focus on growing your business. We offer strong local payroll services and much more throughout Europe. This is based on one contract for all countries, leading technology and global governance, thereby allowing you to stay on top of things.

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International Payroll

A service package for all international payroll requirements


Your first employee(s) abroad

Is your business expanding internationally? Do you want to recruit talent abroad? In that case, you need to consider a number of challenges, such as local legal compliance and correct international payroll administration. 

Trust SD Worx Gro, our global payroll services for companies starting their international adventure.

Start your growth trajectory abroad with customised support:

  • An answer to all your international payroll questions. Wherever you go, in every new market you enter, with a local presence in 150 countries.
  • Rely on the local expertise of our certified payroll experts to guide you through complex local regulations: from salary splits and expats to severance pay and flexible payment arrangements.
  • Peace of mind for your payroll and more, with a single platform, one source for all your decisions and a safe way of working in all countries. 
  • 100% transparent TCO: Reduce hidden costs with an all-in-one payroll service package for every country in which you are active. All under a single contract.

Download your RFP template

    SD Worx internationaal - Download je RFP template

    Starting an international payroll project? We're here to help.

    Are you struggling with multiple vendors, compliance issues and getting a holistic view of your international payroll? Start your search for the perfect international payroll partner today and download our comprehensive international Payroll RFP Template.

      European focus and local expertise

      In a complex, highly regulated European context, a poorly managed payroll can turn out to be very costly for your business results and your reputation. By outsourcing your payroll to our local experts, we ensure your payroll is correct and 100% compliant, wherever you employ your people. SD Worx makes your payroll administration easier all over Europe, from Stockholm to Seville, and from the Irish Sea to the Black Sea.

        Fast and accurate HR and payroll advice

        Whatever the circumstances, payroll never stops. When you encounter obstacles, you can count on the advice of our local experts regarding national labour law, collective labour agreements, expat management, entering new markets and much more. We know that when you’re dealing with tight payroll deadlines, you need fast and accurate advice about every exception you are facing.

          IPS dashboard - internationale payroll

          Make the right decisions faster

          What do you need to be able to add strategic value to your HR team? Real-time data, clear reports on basic HR data, an accurate overview of your payroll costs and in-depth analyses. This is exactly what you get when you use our international payroll services. The result is a clear overview of your global workforce, better insights and more control without having to do any time-consuming manual work.

            The benefits of our HR tool:

            • Rely on the local expertise of our certified payroll experts
            • The absolute convenience of an all-in-one solution: one contract, one contact person, one governance model, and harmonised service levels across all your locations.
            • One tool and one data source for all your decisions, for peace of mind about your payroll and more
            • We grow with your business. Wherever you go, in every new market you enter, with a local presence in 150 countries
            • A trusted partner with over 75 years of experience and more than 82,000 customers

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              International payroll FAQ

              A taste of our expertise

              Start by establishing a solid basis for your international payroll. Think about how you are going to collect your HR data in each country where your company operates and how you intend to harmonise your HR processes across the various countries. Make sure that you are aware of local labour laws and that you are registered as an employer in each relevant jurisdiction. SD Worx takes care of all of this for you!

              If you wish to hire employees who live and work in another country, you must be registered in that country. SD Worx can help you with the registration of your company as a foreign employer. It is not always necessary to have a local entity. It depends on the local legislation.

              Not necessarily. Most small companies that are taking their first steps in international employment do not have a local payroll department in every country. The advice of a reliable payroll partner such as SD Worx gives your central payroll team the tools they need to manage your payroll abroad and ensure everything runs smoothly.

              This depends on the country where you are hiring people, as all payroll requirements depend on the local labour laws. The SD Worx Domestic Expertise Pack saves you the trouble of working out the local rules and regulations of every country in which you are active. It gives you all the support you need to enter a new market: from general advice on national laws and collective labour agreements to payroll administration advice, e.g. about how to order luncheon vouchers or complete country-specific form. Contact us to start using our Domestic Expertise Pack.

              If your payroll only includes a few people in a few places, you don't have to use local HR and payroll software. SD Worx provides a central platform with a framework that allows you to structure your payroll process in each country and follow up on daily questions. This platform is integrated with our local payroll engines to ensure an automated data flow.

              More information about our HR- and payroll services?